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Updated: Cygwin 1.7.31-3

Hi Cygwin friends and users,

I just released Cygwin 1.7.31-3.  This is another bugfix release to fix
the bugfix release.

The only difference to 1.7.31-2 is a fix to the socket send(2) function
where a counter is not reset correctly so the function only sends as
much bytes as fit into the socket buffers in a single go.  This fixes

Please note that the new passwd/group handling still isn't in this
version of Cygwin.  The changes are still work in progress.

What changed:

- Improve performance of send(2), sendto(2), sendmsg(2) when using small
  input buffers.

- The default pthread_mutex type is now PTHREAD_MUTEX_NORMAL, rather than

- Align pthread_attr stack functions more closely to Linux.

- Mark pthread_attr_getstackaddr and pthread_attr_setstackaddr as deprecated,
  as on Linux.

Bug Fixes

- Fix various assorted bugs (potential buffer overruns, resource leaks, you
  name it) caught by Coverity.

- Fix return value of getgrouplist if the number of groups is bigger than the
  application-provided buffer can hold.

- Fix a spurious error condition in calls to getaddrinfo on x86_64.

- Workaround a problem following native NTFS symlinks.  This patch has been
  not applied to 1.7.30, accidentally.

- Fix an off-by-one bug in res_querydomain.

- Don't catch STATUS_STACK_OVERFLOW preliminary on 64 bit.

- Make sure that signals are properly delivered when sending lots of signals
  in succession.

To install 32-bit Cygwin use
To install 64 bit Cygwin use

The 64 bit Cygwin distribution doesn't yet come with as many packages
as the 32 bit version, but more packages will be available over time.

If you're already running a 32 bit version of Cygwin on 64 bit Windows
machines, you can continue to do so.  If you're planning a new install
of Cygwin on a 64 bit Windows machine, consider to use the new 64 bit
Cygwin version, unless you need certain packages not yet available in
the 64 bit release.

Have fun,

Corinna Vinschen                  Please, send mails regarding Cygwin to
Cygwin Project Co-Leader          cygwin AT cygwin DOT com
Red Hat

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