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[calm - Cygwin server-side packaging maintenance script] annotated tag 20180605, created. 20180605

        at  17170d40fed4646b5a1368a60c94572d1d0c45a6 (tag)
   tagging  268cde3c74e7e84baa0b3eda679b8fb811f971a7 (commit)
  replaces  20180131
 tagged by  Jon Turney
        on  Tue Jun 5 17:03:03 2018 +0100



Jon Turney (18):
      Clarify vaulting message
      Update URL for setup.ini format description
      mksetupini: mutually imply disable-checks for requires: and depends:
      Update TODO
      Also warn about pointless replace-versions: when it's equal to current version
      Tolerate comma or space separated obsoletes: in hints
      Properly generate an empty depends2: when needed
      Fix typo
      Update for stylesheet changes
      Improve reasons for not migrating reported by hint-migrate
      Warn if replace-versions: lists a version which is also offered for install
      Make test_scan_uploads repeatable
      Drop strict option to read_package()
      Also remove versions which have no packages left, after expiry
      Fix some escaping issues reported by latest pycodestyle
      Ignore test-only packages in non-unique current versions check
      Add support for 'missing-curr' token in disabled-check: key in pvr.hint
      Update version to 20180605

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