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RFD: Include an easy editor in the cygwin-standard-distribution


I have recently spent some time in answering beginner-questions in the cygwin

One thing that made things more difficult was that there is no standard editor
included in the Cygwin-distribution. (or, at least I have not found it ;-])
Using notepad is not always easy because you first have to explain how to find
out where the file actually is. Then the problems continue if the file is
without cr/lf and as a result notepad only displays the text in one line. The
solution to that is to use wordpad but wordpad is not in the standard path.....

So I looked arround in Internetland for an editor that is easy to use for a
beginner and painless to compile with cygwin.

The best I have found till now is ee, the little brother of aee;

ee is small (~190k) and very easy to use. It seems also to work fine with cr/lf
and with unix-style textfiles. 

Of course, we could also include emacs or vi as a standard, but I do think that
both editors are 

a) too big for the job
b) much too complicated

for tasks like editing .profile or .bashrc - files

How do you guys think about that ?

Michael Ring

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