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Re: RFD: Include an easy editor in the cygwin-standard-distribution

--- Michael Ring <> wrote:
> Hi!
> I have recently spent some time in answering beginner-questions in the cygwin
> group.
> One thing that made things more difficult was that there is no standard
> editor
> included in the Cygwin-distribution. (or, at least I have not found it ;-])
> Using notepad is not always easy because you first have to explain how to
> find
> out where the file actually is. Then the problems continue if the file is
> without cr/lf and as a result notepad only displays the text in one line. The
> solution to that is to use wordpad but wordpad is not in the standard
> path.....
> So I looked arround in Internetland for an editor that is easy to use for a
> beginner and painless to compile with cygwin.
> The best I have found till now is ee, the little brother of aee; 

Hmm...  I agree with your reasoning, but maybe not the package.  Let's discuss
the highlights of a/ee.  I noticed that it's function key based which means I
have to move my hands from the keyboard, ugh.

I suggest, the ed package for one, and if there is a small version of vi, not
vim, we include those.  Anyone know of a vi package that is close the the
original UNIX versions?


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