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RE: RFD: Include an easy editor in the cygwin-standard-distribution

> I was planning to include 'vim' in the group of packages I'm 
> recompiling
> for 'official distribution' in latest/extras/ (or latest/../extras/ or
> wherever). However, my version of vim is not totally independent; you
> still need ncurses and terminfo, which is huge.

Not to take anything away from your version.  I am not familiar with it.
(So much little time.)  The standard VIM 5.6 built on my
machine this morning without ncurses or terminfo.  Looking at config.cache
it was happy with termios.h and termcap.

> A quick build of nano on my system links to curses, but I think if
> curses is not present then nano will use termcap. If not, then at
> minimum a 'nano' or 'tiny-vim' distribution can be built statically
> linked to ncurses, and include only /usr/share/terminfo/l/linux,
> .../c/cygwin, and .../r/rxvt.

Nano will not build w/o curses.  It was my first thought for an
Idiot's-Guide-to-Small-Editors candidate.  However ncurses and slang take it
right out of the small category.


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