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Re: RFD: Include an easy editor in the cygwin-standard-distribution

>I was planning to include 'vim' in the group of packages I'm recompiling
>for 'official distribution' in latest/extras/ (or latest/../extras/ or
>wherever). However, my version of vim is not totally independent; you
>still need ncurses and terminfo, which is huge.

If you are providing a complete version of vim, then on my point of
view vim should not be included in the basic distribution. 
Powerusers will later have the choice to upgrade to your 'full blown'
version of vim and beginners will not have to download something they
are not used to.

>I think vim should be available -- perhaps in the official download site
>but not downloaded by default since it's such a big package. I think a
>small and easy-to-use editor should be included in the default cygwin
>download set -- perhaps 'pico' from the pine suite -- built using
>termcap and not terminfo, and without pine-mail integration? 
>Actually, I've got a better idea than pico -- 'nano' is "just like pico"
>but much much smaller. Here's a note from the author: "Note that the
>primary aim of nano is to emulate Pico while adding a few key "missing"
>features. I do NOT want just a GPL'ed Pico clone, nor do I want
>something that strays too far from the Pico design (simple and

Funny, on freshmeat the version 0.9.9 of nano was announced today. 
I also build it against ncurses, the executeable is ~200k with ncurses
statically linked in. (Will try termcap later because I do not feel
good to cripple the ncurses package for reasons of size. This would
make a rpm-version very nasty to support because of duplicate files in
the ncurses and the nano package.) 

nano also looks nice&easy but it somehow feels slow. Right now my
favorite still is ee.

Michael Ring

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