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Re: RFD: Include an easy editor in the cygwin-standard-distribution

"Parker, Ron" wrote:
> > I was planning to include 'vim' in the group of packages I'm
> > recompiling
> > for 'official distribution' in latest/extras/ (or latest/../extras/ or
> > wherever). However, my version of vim is not totally independent; you
> > still need ncurses and terminfo, which is huge.
> Not to take anything away from your version.  I am not familiar with it.
> (So much little time.)  The standard VIM 5.6 built on my
> machine this morning without ncurses or terminfo.  Looking at config.cache
> it was happy with termios.h and termcap.
> > A quick build of nano on my system links to curses, but I think if
> > curses is not present then nano will use termcap. If not, then at
> > minimum a 'nano' or 'tiny-vim' distribution can be built statically
> > linked to ncurses, and include only /usr/share/terminfo/l/linux,
> > .../c/cygwin, and .../r/rxvt.
> Nano will not build w/o curses.  It was my first thought for an
> Idiot's-Guide-to-Small-Editors candidate.  However ncurses and slang take it
> right out of the small category.

Slang *is* optional -- but I wasn't sure about ncurses. If nano won't
build with termcap, then I guess it's out of the question. Building nano
with static-ncurses is only 200k according to Michael, but it's not the
ncurses LIBRARY that I'm concerned about -- it's the massive termlib

Sounds like we still have two candidates -- vim+termcap, or [a]ee. I
haven't yet read the rest of this thread, though...


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