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Re: fnctl nonblocking still blocking

Thanks for that Corinna,
    I am having a couple of issues with the ioctrl solution, but I think I
can sort it.

For the moment, I am glad to say that squid 2.3stable 3 now runs (with what
seems to me to be acceptable performance) with the attached patch.
Fortunately some kind soul had already handled the disk io side of the
cygwin port so you'll get no equivalent low-level disk questions :-]

I have tuned this down to a single accept per incoming event, but will work
on the non-blocking calls.

2nd last, should time.h define _timezone? the rfc1123.c file in squid
includes <time.h> and then does a #ifdef _timezone. If _timezone is not
defined it redeclares timezone! I have no idea what a stock time.h looks
like so if I am off course, just tell me...

and lastly, a question I had before, that was on the bottom of the list, but
as the core is working I'll bring up. Does cygwin have any known issues with
fork()? Running squid in daemon mode, where it forks() on load stackdumps.
As squid can run via srvany without daemon mode it doesn't really matter..
this is just for completeness sake.
59998332 [main] squid 1008 sig_send: wait for sig_complete event failed, sig
6, rc 258, Win32 error 0
59998855 [sig] squid 1008 sig_send: wait for sig_complete event failed, sig
11, rc 258, Win32 error 0

Thanks for you help before, and to all the Cygwin hackers for the great

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Sent: Sunday, June 11, 2000 6:55 PM
Subject: Re: fnctl nonblocking still blocking

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> Use plain text mail instead. Thanks.
... sorry about that, usually remember...



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