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Collection of new/updated packages available for testing (rpm)

On  22 Aug 00, "Michael Ring" <> (Tel +49 228/936-2621) writes:
> Here's why I did it:
> ====================
> o rpm offers far more flexibility to package installation / deinstallation than
> classical tar.gz files.
> o Things like postinstall and preremove-scripts can easily be included in a
> software package.
> o Sources live in a special file called the source-rpm. The original sourcecode
> of a software, patches to make it work and something like a script to build the
> software (called spec-file) is also included.
> o The binary distribution of a software package lives in rpm-files. Included in
> this simgle file are the binaries, custom postinstall or preremove scripts and
> dependency information (What does a package need to run, what does it provide to
> others)
> All those facs faciliate the process of maintaining software. This makes rpm the
> choice of many linux-dists like redhat, mandrake, suse and others.

How is this useful to Cygwin?  Is it better than, say, DJ's setup.exe?

I've never used rpm myself, so I'm probably just ignorant of its magic.


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