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Re: AW: perl-5.6.0 ready for test! (IMPORTANT READ THIS MESSAGE ON MAINTAINE

--- Michael Ring <> wrote:
> I leave this decision up to cgf, personally I would draw the following line:
> latest includes software that is officially supported (directly or indirect)
> by
> the cygwin-core team (corinna, cgf and dj)
> contrib contains software that is supported by the rest of
> cygwin-enthusiasts.

That means that most of what is in latest would go to contrib.

> As far as I know there has never been something official statement about what
> to
> put to latest / contrib

I don't know about official but IIRC latest is to contain essential user and
developer tools where contrib is to contain niceties that aren't essential. 
Saying this, IMO automake, autoconf, libtool and perl are essential developer


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