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Last announcement for today (I hope) : buildscripts for automatisation of rpm-builds

I've uploaded a new package named 


This package includes my build-scripts and some 'meat' to play arround with rpm

How to automate the build process for rpm

I have provided some small script that automate the build of software based on
The script is called and also uses config.guess.
It expects source-code and patches to be in RPM's standard directories


and the scripts themselves should reside in /usr/src/redhat/
If you unpack the tar files from / everything is put in place.

The build script performs the job ob creating/updating rpm-packages.
Based on the version info in the spec-file new software-packages are
built, old ones are deinstalled before new ones are installed.
The information what has do be build and on which platform is hardcoded in the

If you want to learn how SPEC-Files are written the cd to /usr/src/redhat/SPECS,
you will find a collection of wirking spec-files.

How to bootstrap Cygwin + RPM

If you want to use rpm from scratch and do not want to use any of the
pre-installed packages that were announced today the bootstrap and the bootstrap directory

are for you.

All necessary tools are built and stored in a directory CYGWIN-1.1.4 
This directory is also respected in the script.

Bootstrapping also works on other platforms. I use it @work to build a rpm-based
distribution of gnu-tools for
Sun-Solaris and Compaq-Tru64. Other platforms might also work. Platform specific
patches are included in the SPEC-Files.

Have fun,

Michael Ring

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