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[ adding optional packages]

Can someone help this person out?  I was under the impression that some
(all?) of these packages were related to X.  Is that true?

If so, we currently don't have a method available for downloading X
apps and I don't think it makes sense to make X part of the default


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From: "Vincent Labella" <>
Subject: adding optional packages
Date: Sat, 18 Nov 2000 14:58:04 -0600 (CST)

	Besides the fact that Cygwin is freely availible, regularily
updated and easy to install.  The thing I like most is that it comes with
so many optional packages: libtiff, zlib, jpeg, ssh etc..  precompiled and
installed!  Getting even a comercial compiler installed with all these
optional packages would take a modest amount of effort.

So my question is:  What does it take to add an optional package to

Is this up to an individual or is there a set of instructions one can
follow? The reason is that I would like to add the following packages that
compile OOTB:


I would be happy to do the work if instructed.


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