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Re: New versions of bzip2 and patch?

I only removed a stupid (imho) usage of environment-variables from patch
which caused it to convert textfiles in binmounts to cr/lf files.
automode.o sounds as if it were useable for patch but right now I think
it should be kept as it is because it has prooven to work 'as is'.

Hmm... thinking about it agauin, what about this theory:

If I understand automode correctly a file on a textmount would be
converted to a 'unix'-style file internally and if saved in binmode
there would be no more cr/lf in the file; theory right ???



Christopher Faylor schrieb:
> On Mon, Nov 20, 2000 at 11:44:26PM +0100, Michael Ring wrote:
> >Just found this thread here....
> >
> >O.K. you all found me busy with other work 8-(, sorry for that.
> >
> >patch is in very good condition, I have been sitting on thins patch
> >(well, actually been using it) for months and the changes I made to the
> >code are very straightforward. I will release this asap.
> Btw, the new version of cygwin has some options that you can link with
> patch that I think might make things easier.  You can link with
> textmode.o, binmode.o, or automode.o.  textmode.o makes all opens which
> do not specify otherwise default to text mode regardless of mount,
> binmode.o makes all opens which do not specify otherwise default to
> binmode regardless of mount, automode.o makes opening for reading
> default to text and opening for writing default to binary.
> In retrospect, I wish I'd named this 'mixedmode.o' because I rediscovered
> yesterday that 'auto mode' already has a meaning within the cygwin internals.
> It refers to /cygdrive type of mounts.
> cgf

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