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Re: New versions of bzip2 and patch?

--- Michael Ring <> wrote:
> I only removed a stupid (imho) usage of environment-variables from patch
> which caused it to convert textfiles in binmounts to cr/lf files.
> automode.o sounds as if it were useable for patch but right now I think
> it should be kept as it is because it has prooven to work 'as is'.

Patch is currently working correctly now, AFAICT.  Are there any know reasons
to apply patches to patch?

> Hmm... thinking about it agauin, what about this theory:
> If I understand automode correctly a file on a textmount would be
> converted to a 'unix'-style file internally and if saved in binmode
> there would be no more cr/lf in the file; theory right ???

Which in itself could present problems.  Let's see, diff file is on text mount
with \r\n line endings, and source is on a binary mount with \n line endings. 
Will not cause a problem currently or with automode.  If diff file is on binary
mount with \r\n line endings and source is on binary mount with \n line
endings.  Automode would correct this problem, while currently you would end up
with being unable to patch the file.  With diff file on binary mount and \r\n
line endings and source on text mount with \n line endings, currently the file
would patch and give you \r\n line endings in source while with automode you
would get \n line endings in the result.

Ok, automode would solve a problem with text files.  Does anyone use patch to
patch a binary file?  If so then --binary would need to be enabled for Cygwin,
which based on patch --help comments it isn't currently.


Earnie Boyd

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