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Re: Texinfo-4.0

On Wed, 22 Nov 2000, Charles Wilson wrote:

> Carlos Puig wrote:
> >
> > Note: One small patch is needed to make texinfo-4.0 under cygwin.  On line 106
> > of the generated makeinfo/Makefile, add -DWIN32 as follows:
> >

> AArrrrggghhh!!!  No.  Don't rely on -DWIN32 -- it often turns on too
> many windows specific hacks, and leads to huge troubles later on.
> Cygwin is not windows.  What you should do, is inspect every .h and .c
> file, looking for '#ifdef WIN32'.

Ok, I looked at the entire source tree (using grep -r on my Linux
system) and found only two changes that depend on WIN32.  Both changes
are in makeinfo/files.c.  One of the changes (or equivalent) is
essential -- you can't even finish a make without it -- and the other
one is not.  So, implementing your suggestion requires patching two
lines in files.c.  I would be glad to generate the patch file, if there
is someone to recive it.

I'm looking for some guidance on how texinfo-4.0 (suitably patched)
could be included in cygwin releases to replace texinfo-3.12.  Is there
someone who normally handles packages like texinfo?  Are there formal
procedures I should follow?  (I'm new to this list.)

Thanks for your help.


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