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Re: FAQ entry? (Was: Texinfo-4.0)

On Wednesday 22 Nov 00, Charles Wilson writes:
> David Starks-Browning wrote:
> > 
> > On Wednesday 22 Nov 00, Christopher Faylor writes:
> > > Do we have a FAQ entry on what it takes to contribute a package?  It's
> > > not that hard but this question keeps coming up.
> > 
> > No, we don't.  I would gladly add one, but someone else will have to
> > write it, as I have not contributed any packages.
> I just posted a short recipe -- but it's not well-written enough to be
> part of the FAQ.  Feel free to edit it to suit.  


Thanks.  I haven't scrutinized it, but my first impression is that
this is too much for a FAQ entry.  It seems to me that a separate web
page, just for package maintainers, would be more appropriate for
this.  (I don't mean private to package maintainers, just topical.)

That said, I've been contemplating a new faq-o-matic faq, which could
accomodate an entry like this more readily.  (I know we've all talked
about faq-o-matic before.)  But I'm afraid such a migration may be a
long way off.  Certainly not this year!

If nothing else, the current FAQ could provide URL's to messages like

(Just my editorial opinion, I could possibly be swayed.)


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