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(Fwd) Re: sendmail on cygwin

------- Weitergeleitete Nachricht / Forwarded message -------
Von:            	Gerrit P. Haase <>
An:             	Gregory Neil Shapiro <>,
Betreff:        	Re: sendmail on cygwin
Antwort an:
Datum:   	Sun, 26 Nov 2000 11:18:03 +0100

<25 Nov 2000, 17:20 Uhr wars, als Gregory Neil Shapiro folgendes schrub:>
< Re: sendmail on cygwin >

> gerrit.haase> i try tp build sendmail on cygwin environment, but it didn't
> gerrit.haase> work.
> We've never ported it to Cygwin, the Windows support you see in the Build
> script is for Sendmail, Inc. builds for the NT commercial product.  I'll
> make sure they don't show up in future releases so users aren't confused by
> them.

Hi Gregory,

Maybe you got some hints for me how to manage it?

------- Ende der weitergeleiteten Nachricht / End of forwarded message -------

use Filter::exec qw(tr n-za-mN-ZA-M a-zA-Z);
@ = ("Whfg", "nabgure", "Crgre", "Unnfr,");
sbernpu $1 ( @ ) { cevag ( "$1", " " ) ; };
$_=1; cevag 'treevg.unnfr@g-bayvar.qr' vs$_;

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