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Re: (Fwd) Re: sendmail on cygwin

<30 Nov 2000, 18:02 Uhr wars, als Christopher Faylor folgendes schrub:>
< Re: (Fwd) Re: sendmail on cygwin >

> WINNT != UNIX.  Cygwin == UNIX.
> >I think at first i should look to get newer sources, but it is not easy to find
> >(if there are any...)
> Huh? .  The sources are mentioned in the first few lines
> of the URL.

Yes i know, but they are of september, Shapiro promised, to delete all
references to Windows in the files, because some settings are overriding my
changes, and i did not found.
I don't know, how to rewrite the whole Configure.
They don't use autoconf and automake...
As i said in specs file, path is /usr/local/src/sendmail, the configure made
c:\cygwin\usr\local\src\sendmail of it...
and so on.
Settings i changed in Configure were not recognized.

I will play around a little bit more to see, what is really lacking there.


use Filter::exec qw(tr n-za-mN-ZA-M a-zA-Z);
@ = ("Whfg", "nabgure", "Crgre", "Unnfr,");
sbernpu $1 ( @ ) { cevag ( "$1", " " ) ; };
$_=1; cevag 'treevg.unnfr@g-bayvar.qr' vs$_;

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