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Re: updated win32 macro

>>>>> "Robert" == Robert Collins <> writes:

Robert> It looks like the cc result is not used from cache - so I
Robert> don't think this test should allow caching. Also I have a
Robert> question on the caching: I need to cache _the change needed to
Robert> CC_... Is that temporary variable automatically cached?

If you ac_cv_ it, yes.  But never display a cache variable to the

You macro, indeed, is fragile to the changes of LANG.  I'm not sure

echo $ac_compile

will display what you hope it would.  And actually, now that coffee
suddenly breaks my mind free, I just understood you meant to do here:

ac_compile="$ac_compile -mwin32"
ac_link="$ac_link -mwin32"
CC="$CC -mwin32"

this is `wrong'.  ac_compile and friends are not evaluated at their
definition, but at their uses.  So you need not (and must not) change
them at all.  Changing CC is a bad idea.  And BTW, my suggestion
behind the C++ stuff was that, IMHO, you should not set CC, or maybe
at least provide the user with a means to get the switch, say the
variable $WIN32CFLAGS.


I would be able to write


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