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Re: updated win32 macro

| Yes. Well the namespace pollution is already solved - that was my
| ignorance. I think the best bet is the high/low level interface.
| the questions are then:
| one low level interface for each language? (I think yes)

Yep, the current one.

| one high level interface for each language (I think no)

Correct.  Anyway Autoconf is dead broken when it comes to try to
isolate features of these or those libraries/headers used by this or
that compiler: there is a single namespace for HAVE_FOO_H etc.

| What does the high level interface do ? (I suggest it sets the variables
| named above, setting them to " " as a minimum if WIN32 is found, and
| nothing if it is not. 

What's the point?  Just define a user var to the proper flags if
needed, and set the current compiler to use it.

| What does the low level interface do? For each language it finds a win32
| set of switchs and puts them in the appropriate variable. It could have
| a [if true, if false] layout if needed, but I don't really see the need.

If there is no need, just don't.  Low level macro just compute some
$WIN32FLAGS for the current language.

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