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Re: win32 compiler test V3a

| >
| > dnl at the end
| what do you mean by this?


| The curse of reading other peoples code : I got this from a
| /usr/share/aclocal/ routine

Send fixes to the authors :)

| I'm not quite sure whether you meant indent all of them a certain
| amount, or use heirarchical indenting on them..

See the documentation.

# if
# else
# fi

| I had a problem with _AC_LANG not being found by autoconf with your
| suggested code. In fact I'm not sure that $_AC_LANG will be found
| either.

What code, how did you write it?

/tmp % cat                                          nostromo Err 1
AC_LANG_CASE([C], [# Nada],
             [C++], [# Niente],
             [AC_FATAL([no support for: ]_AC_LANG)])])

Rob([Fortran 77])
/tmp % ace                                                       nostromo 16:15
autoconf: warning: both `' and `' are present.
autoconf: warning: proceeding with `'. error: no support for: Fortran 77 Rob is expanded from... Rob is expanded from... Rob is expanded from... the top level

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