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Re: [Mingw-users] HOWTO setup cygwin's 'gcc -mno-cygwin' using mingw libs/headers

Earnie Boyd wrote:
> If any library that is downloaded from the Cygwin official site also has
> MinGW libraries then those libraries should go into /usr/lib/mingw/.

I don't think this will happen -- Chris seems opposed to increasing the
size of "standard cygwin" packages by including mingw libs/binaries that
most cygwin users won't use.  (And the truth is, I don't particularly
WANT to do extra work packing up my cygwin ports of various libs... :-)

> Libraries not on the official site that also include MinGW libraries
> should go into the /usr/local/lib/mingw/ directory.  GCC-2.95.2-9 has
> been renovated to fit this model.

How has -9 been renovated?  Does it include /usr/local/lib/mingw as a
system directory when -mno-cygwin?  Next, what about dll's -- should
they go into /usr/local/bin/mingw or just /usr/local/bin (for $PATH
reasons; also, recall that cygwin dll's are prefixed by 'cyg' and mingw
libs are not.)?  Finally, includes -- /usr/local/include/mingw?

> Now, if the library package also contains binaries, such as the gettext
> library package; IMO, the MinGW binaries should *not* be distributed in
> the Cygwin package unless you distribute a different package for the
> MinGW specific libraries.  If that is the case, the current MinGW
> standard is to --prefix=/mingw when configuring the package.  I package
> the tarball at the bottom most level so that it contains only the base
> level directories.  However, IMO MinGW specific packages should not be
> distributed from the Cygwin net distribution.



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