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Re: setup wishes -- any volunteers

Charles S. Wilson wrote:
> That's not what setup is for, altough you're welcome to use it that 
> way.

I disagree.

> The point: your use of setup is a 'neat thing' but is not the primary
> purpose of the tool.  However, none of the changes folks have been
> discussing will prevent your use of the tool in that way.

I don't know why - I can't put my finger on it but that statement really 
hurts and touched a nerve - my apologies up front

<Getting on soapbox>

Obviously, I missed the boat somewhere - I thought my use of setup was 
exactly the use of setup:  

To allow someone the ability to see what packages are available, to 
download them and/or install them right then or later and not have to be 
concerned with all the knowledge and commands required to do the ftp, the 
tars and so on that would be required without setup.  Then also to 
provide a tool for keeping these packages updated as they should be.  As 
volunteer software it does exactly what it should do and I think what it 
was designed to do.  

That said do we now want to add the additional information required to 
give the inexperienced like myself the ability to know what they must 
have for the base system and then what they need if they want to use 
OpenSSH - absolutely - but you can (and I am not saying you want to) 
accomplish the same thing with an FAQ.  In many cases simply displaying 
the Categories and dependencies where people could read them and select 
their packages based on them from within Setup might be enough although 
definitely not the way you would want to do it if you are trying to write 
a 'true package management tool.'.

I was only attempting to understand how either rpm or dpkg fit into the 
install or download operations in conjunction with setup.  I was only 
attempting to understand how setup essentially communicates with dpkg or 
rpm to accomplish the given task.  From what little I remember of rpm - 
it essentially accomplishes the task of a true package management tool 
without the use off setup.

<Getting off soapbox>

Thanks all for the additional information.

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