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Re: Making RXVT The Standard Terminal

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 29, 2001 at 07:54:36PM -0800, Dan Kaminsky wrote:
> >I think setup ought to at least *offer* the default mounts, i.e. "create
> >symlinks for the following drives".  The worst thing we can do is give users
> >this great unix migration system and, poof, they can't find their own files.
> >
> >/cygdrive/c does work, but it's effectively undocumented.  We *could* add
> >/cygdrive as a visible link from /, though...but there needs to be
> >*something*.
> /cygdrive is not "effectively undocumented"...
> Although, I guess it could be undocumented if you never actually read
> the documentation.

The way that I eliminate the need to use /cygdrive is to
  mount -b --change-cygdrive-prefix /
and then I can
  ls /c
  ls /d
  ls /e
  ls /f
without mounting each drive.

Chris, I would like to make the argument that / would be the better
default for the cygdrive prefix.


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