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Tuesday, 01 May, 2001 Christopher Faylor wrote:

>>CF> Should we add SystemRoot by default regardless of the passed in CF>
>>environment?  That's certainly doable by modifying the winenv() CF>
>>probably yes.  i think %SystemDrive% is also good candidate to be added
>>regardless.  looks like it's also used in couple of system dlls.

CF> On reflection, my only vague reluctance to doing this is that I can
CF> imagine that it might just be possible that someone would want to set up
CF> an environment where they had absolute control over what was in the
CF> environment.  If we arbitrarily add things then we would destroy this
CF> scenario.

i can't imagine why someone might want it, but readily agree that he
just might. i this case, i suppose, he may add "SYSTEMROOT=" string to
environment. cygwin sees that SYSTEMROOT is present, so doesn't add
the default one, in the same time in started process SYSTEMROOT is
effectively absent. the only thing's bad here -- it's not unixish and

Egor.   ICQ 5165414 FidoNet 2:5020/496.19

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