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Re: gcc/ansi question

On Tue, May 01, 2001 at 11:51:19PM -0400, Charles S. Wilson wrote:
>Christopher Faylor wrote:
>> It has been pointed out to me that I shouldn't be doing -Dunix when
>> using the -ansi switch with gcc because the compiler should only define
>> things which begin with an underscore.  I can fix this easily.
>> Does anyone know how MSVC handles the WIN32 definitions?  Is there an
>> equivalent switch for Windows which disables the definition of WIN32?
>> My MSVC installation is currently hosed for some reason so I can't check
>> this myself.
>/Usymbol undefines a specific symbol
>/u (lowercase u) turns off every previously defined symbol
>"Neither of these options can be used to undefine symbols created with
>the #define directive. Both options turn off the following
>Microsoft-specific macros:"
>Seems kinda wierd to me that -Ufoobar will also cause _WIN32 to become
>undefined, but that's what the docs say.

Is there anything like a strict-ansi option?  Or, doesn't msvc define
anything without an underscore?  I wonder if gcc is just wrong in defining
WIN32 and WINNT.


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