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Re: gcc-2.95.3-4 to mingw

Ok.  If I am going to be applying these patches, then I have a few

1) They should not have MS-DOS line endings.

2) They should not reference MS-DOS paths.

3) I'm not going to add the word "mingw" to the compiler output for the cygwin
   gcc compiler.  You are, of course, welcome to change that for any mingw
   compiler.  I assume that you are doing that already.

4) I'd appreciate a different ChangeLog entry for each directory that is
   modified.  I can't use the one that you sent since it is non-standard.

I'll try to use the patch that was submitted here by stripping the CR's
and changing all of the paths to '/' but I would appreciate it if future
submissions adhered to the above criteria.

>One other little bit, a recurring problem with sys_nerr and
>sys_errlist[] and dllimport in libiberty/strerror.c.  This should
>probably be sent to libiberty; I haven't included in ChangeLog.

Also, it seems to me that this patch is being handled in the wrong way.
There is already a configure test for this functionality.  Why is it
being handled incorrectly in the mingw case?


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