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Re: cygipc packaging was Updated setup.ini with descriptions, categories, and dependencies

Ralf Habacker wrote:
> I remember that paul has added the auto-import feature to the mingw binutils
> (bdf as dll),
> but after I have send him the memory leak problem, he removed this and used bfd
> as static lib.
> Perhaps he recognized that repairing this bug would be a big problem and decided
> to
> go back. Additional he wrote a note on the cygwin or on the binutils list (I
> don't remember exactly where)
> that he had never published anything relating the auto-import feature on the
> cygwin lists.
> This seems for me that he tries to dissociate from this ??
> But anyway, we have to do this.
> Because I can't work on kde2 without this feature and I like to get this running
> very much
> I will spend some time to look into this and try to fix but I'm unsure if I
> could do this alone. I need some help in understanding ld.
> Perhaps I can reactive my very old knowledge about writing an os-9 relocation
> loader :-)
> Because I can spend only about 8 hours per week for this, it may require two or
> more month to fix this.
> Should discussions related this be send to the binutils and/or the cygwin list
> ??

And the correct list to discuss this would be the binutils list where
others are possibly working on the problem.


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