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Re: ncurses announcement - trial run

David Starks-Browning wrote:
> On Wednesday 19 Sep 01, Charles Wilson writes:
> > Does anyone have any objections to the following...content and
> > presentation?  (I'm being a bit paranoid here because I sense that I am
> > setting a precedent, and I want to get it right).
> > ...
> I would put the big WARNING section at the top.  Otherwise, some might
> skim the first few lines, and never read that they must run setup.exe
> twice.
> What about people who use Cygwin but don't read the lists?  They're
> not going to know about the special procedure required here.

Hmm...  I had this same thought when I read the txt file.  I then said
to myself "It sounds as if it's time to add something to the setup
process that can flag a popup dialogue with text from a file."  I can
envision a column in the selection screen that will indicate the type of
text that will pop of if the text is clicked.  Types of text could be
WARNING, README, DESC, etc.  If we had this then the announcement could
be given in the dialogue box.  

NOTE: No I'm not currently working on this or have current plans to do
so.  I'm just dreaming out loud.


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