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Re: Anyone looking at setup.ini, debugging setup.exe?

Christopher Faylor schrieb am 2001-09-21, 12:22:

>I haven't seen any comments on my setup.ini checkin or on the bug
>that I think I found in setup.exe.
>Is anyone looking at these?

Which is the latest setup.exe version?
Have not heard of a bug.  What is it?

I have a setup.exe some days old, v2.96.  Besides the window is too small
for reading the descriptions and i have to scroll (well i is possible to
scroll but i don't like it), it seems to work.
(Well i get thousands of errors claiming "parse errors - probably not the
 latest setup version...")

It tells me that binutils-2001-09-14-1 is old and binutils-2001-08-02-1
will be installed as 'new' package.
The cron update seems to be showed correct (not yet installed).
And then (hmmm, no package name), there is in category 'base' TIFF manipulating
v1.4 declared as new, old is 2.11-1? That is 'which' where I have installed
a selfcompiled version and not 1.4 from netrelease. But the description 
says it is a 'TIFF manipulating library'.

Some packages were not shown. I have not installed ghostscript, and it
was not offered.  Well the version number was not there, I skipped 
all but cron and then it uninstalls binutils and installed the older
version before installing cron.

A little bit tricky if there are the packages in one category hidden.

I get now only the descriptions instead of the package name. 
Maybe the package/program name should be in the first column, then the version,
selection, 'src', description? 

But i really have not the latest version. I think I will build one over
the weekend.



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