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RE: /setup.html please read

Under "Package File Naming", I see "The first release of a
package for a given vendor version may optionally skip the 
suffix". I take that to mean that
are both acceptable? Is that true?

Under "Making Packages", I think the "standard" for binary
packages is to leave off the initial "/" on filenames 
inside the tarball. E.g.:
instead of
I think the point is to allow someone to expand the
binary package into some other location (besides "/")
if desired for whatever reason.

For one thing, I don't see this tradition documented in 
this section. For another, your examples (e.g.
/usr/doc/foo-vendor) have the initial slash included.

I realize this one is kind of nit-picky, but the 4th
bullet under "Making Packages" mentions a "file"
named /usr/doc/foo-vendor, when in fact this should
call it a "directory".

The oft-referenced texinfo-4.0 example on the cygwin ml
includes the specific commands that can be used to
"unapply" the foo-vendor-suffix.patch file; could you
add those commands to this file?

Again under "Making packages", you said that the patch
file should extract to /usr/src/foo-vendor-suffix.patch.
The texinfo example says it should go at

Which place is "correct"?

Again, not to be nit-picky; however your example of 
"foo-vendor-suffix" is a bit misleading. Most packages
use "package-version-suffix", and don't (necessarily)
mention the "Vendor" in the package's name. I suggest
using the more generic but hopefully more accurate
"package-version-suffix" verbage throughout the doc.

7) [last one for today...]
Under "Submitting a package", could we get the text
updated to mention that Christopher typically
uploads things FOR us? (at least, those of us like
me with just one little package).

Thanks for getting this started! It looks great!


-----Original Message-----
From: Robert Collins []
Sent: Friday, November 02, 2001 6:25 AM

I've added in some guidelines on making packages and submitting them for
inclusion to

Please read, and if I've got anything wrong, let me know! I've had to
make some of it up from unwritten rules, so there is a good chance I've
gotten bits wrong.

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