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Re: /setup.html please read - feedback desired

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> The last time I asked about this somebody said "Use SourceForge software".
> I think that would be a overkill for this requirement, though.

Yeah,  probably overkill.  Hmm... how about something like this:

I have ported package foo-x.z that I would like to contribute, so I
create foo-x.z-1.tar.gz and foo-x.z-1-src.tar.gz and upload that to  However I also need a file
foo-x.z-1-pkg.setup that has in it, the package maintainer name, an
email address to get in touch with that maintainer, the setup.hint text,
the announcement message, and anything else that may be necessary. 
Then, you could have a script check the list of known maintainers and
either automagically update the ftp site and announcement list or send
you a message that a package awaits approval.  If the
foo-x.z-1-pkg.setup file isn't digestible by the script then the script
would reject the package and send an email back to the originator and to
you,  removing the files before it exits.

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