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Access to (Was /setup.html please read)

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> One thing, though.  I haven't been giving new accounts for new packages.
> I don't like the idea of a slowly increasing number of people with full
> access to, so I've just been doing the package updates
> myself.
> What "would be nice" and what I've asked for before is some kine of nifty
> upload page that did this automatically and allowed you to specify a
> cygwin-announce message as well.  Or, a command-line utility for doing
> this.
> The last time I asked about this somebody said "Use SourceForge software".
> I think that would be a overkill for this requirement, though.

I have just implemented a file distribution process at work. We use
rsync over ssh (as we want the ssh encryption and didn't want the extra
security risk of having an extra open port on the box). We then
distribute one ssh key that runs a script that enforces that only rsync
is allowed to run with some restricted arguments and the source has to
be a subdirectory of the distribution path.

I could write something similar for cygwin if needed. Maybe with
individual keys and allowed paths. 

> cgf

Med venlig hilsen / Kind regards

Hack Kampbjørn

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