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Re: /setup.html please read - feedback desired

On Sat, 2001-11-03 at 05:20, Charles Wilson wrote:
> Robert Collins wrote:
> In the "Package file naming" section:
> "In the event that a package doesn't sort correctly (for example, from 
> ...-9-... to ...-10-..., use the setup.hint current, prev and exp labels to 
> override the inbuilt sort during the transition period."
> I think setup.hint's are more-or-less required, now.  Otherwise, there's no 
> way to set the sdesc, ldesc, dependencies, etc.  So, the "auto-sort" is a 
> soon-to-be-vestigial feature; emphasis should be on setup.hint.

Yes, but. We don't have any way to ecapsulate setup.hint and the related
file. So for now I think we have to maintain this feature.
> Ditto in the "setup.hint" section:
> "If the above rules don't work for your package, for some reason, ..."
> setup.hint should be the "normal" method, not the fallback method

I didn't touch the existing doco last night. I'll have a quick look at
this later today.
> "The requires line indicates the packages that this package relys on. A 
> package can rely on multiple packages. Multiple packages are separated by 
> spaces."
> + "Do not enclose multiple package names within quotation marks."

Thanks, added.
> In section "Making packages"
> "In your binary package include a file /usr/doc/foo-vendor that includes 
> any binary-relevant vendor documentation, such as ChangeLog's, copyright 
> licence's, README's etc."
> ...include a directory /usr/doc/foo-vendor...
> "Include a single file foo-vendor-suffix.patch in your source package, that 
> when applied will remove all the patches you've applied to the package, 
> leaving it as the vendor distributes it. This file should extract as 
> /usr/src/foo-vendor-suffix.patch."
> This is NEW.  What if you have multiple patches (some cygwin-specific, 
> others "standard patches")?  See tiff src package -- CYGWIN-PATCHES 
> contains the lossless-jpeg "standard" patch, plus a cygwin-specific patch. 
>   Or "old-style" ncurses (and current readline) package:  there's the 
> "regular" pre-applied cygwin-specific patch, and then a second 
> "dll-ization" patch applied at a particular point during the build process.
> There are some problems with the "/usr/src/foo-vendor-suffix.patch" idea 
> that are not easily solved.  This change should be discussed (new thread?) 
> prior to unilateral declaration on setup.html...

Yup, agree completely. I've got to do some pc maintenance rsn, but I'll
start a clean thread with my reasoning for discussion after that. As
usual I will abide by consensus.
> "Look in the debian package list"
> a link would be good, here.

yeah it would wouldn't it :}.

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