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Re: patches to vendor source trees - discussion

On Sat, 2001-11-03 at 13:03, Christopher Faylor wrote:

> Couldn't the patch remove itself?

Not if you create the patch via diff!

> I think that putting the patch outside of the source directory would be
> counter-intuitive.  I agree that there should be just one file, though.

Hmm, not necessarily. Of course, if there is an expectation...
> One problem, of course, is that patch can't reliably remove a file.  It
> can remove files that become empty but, AFAIK, it can't remove directories
> that are made obsolete by the patch.

So maybe we should provide unpatched directories, and a patch to make it
> How does debian handle this?  Is it similar to the method that you
> outlined?

Funnily enough, when you download the source via apt you get 3 files and
a dir:


package-version is the vendor source tree unaltered. (and has no suffix)
the diff.gz makes the vendor tree debian package creation tools ready
the .dsc file is a PGP signed control file that includes all the
metadata - maintainer, architecture, build-dependencies, source and diff
file crc's etc. (The signing is to guarantee the file crc's).

And there is a tool that will download those three files via apt-get ,
and then extract, patch and build a package for one, in one command.
Quite nice really.


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