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Re: Setup.exe - snapshot runs but compiled from cvs get application error.

It sounds like this is the problem that I'd previously reported to you in
private email (for shame).

It was fixed by the patch which added a call to read the mount table earlier
in the setup.exe startup.

I think you said that you had a better fix for this, IIRC.


On Mon, Nov 05, 2001 at 05:04:02PM -0500, Brian Keener wrote:
>I downloaded snapshot 6 for setup (setup-2001-11-02-6.exe) from and 
>like what I see - great job Robert and Chris.  Now my problem - I actually 
>tried first to build the HEAD from cvs as well as the -rcategories and was 
>getting an error in both cases.  I downloaded the snapshot and it works like a 
>champ.  I then made sure I had all the current package updates and reconfigured 
>and rebuilt my cvs version and I still get the error.
>Now for the details.  When I try to run my built version (current cvs) it works 
>fine when I select install from internet or install from local directory but 
>when I select download from internet - setup crashes as soon as I select the 
>next button and I get the following error:
>setupcurr.exe - Application Error
>The instruction at "0x0040f7cd" referenced memory at "0x00000001".  The memory 
>could not be "read".
>Click OK to terminate the program 
>Click CANCEL to debug the program 
>I also tried this with the version from -rcategories and get the same results 
>but the snapshot works as it should.  I ran the program through gdb and traced 
>the error to - max_len seems to end up as a -1 in the following lines:
>char *native;
>if (max_len == strlen (path))
>  native = strdup (match->native);
>  native = concat (match->native, "/", path + max_len, NULL);
>it fails on the else portion of this routine.
>Anyone got any suggestions how I can get my version compiling again - I know 
>I'm a pain.  This is on a Win2000 laptop.

--                        Red Hat, Inc.  

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