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Re: Setup.exe - snapshot runs but compiled from cvs get application error.

I'm confused - how come the setup from the snapshot works for all install 
versus download - but if I build from cvs for the current changes (HEAD) or 
build from the branch that I thought was the snapshot (categories) I get this 
error - but only when I select that I want to download from internet.  Yet if I 
go back and build from the pre_categories branch - I can run setup and select 
download from internet and it runs without crashes (except for the crash much 
much later that I introduced with a bad change).

Not to doubt your change Chris - but did you guys notice that when we select 
download it only asks for the download directory (which I believe it should 
because download should only care if what is available for download already 
exists or not) and not the root directory because we are downloading and not 
installing - could this problem be because it is looking for the root path when 
we select download and maybe it doesn't need to and this is the result of a 
recent change perhaps.


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