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RE: Setup.exe - snapshot runs but compiled from cvs get application error.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Brian Keener []
> I saw your message about trying the latest HEAD but let me 
> address this 
> question first.  What will happen if I am doing a Download 
> only for a new 
> install - will I truly be able at that point in time to 
> select my root for 
> cygwin or would I want to in all cases - yes we could but 
> what of other 
> newbies??

Selecting the root will never harm a machine... except for creating
> As to the above - my personal thought is download only should 
> not ask for the 
> root - it should only ask for the local cache.  

I started thinking thus.. in fact I thought that setup should write the
cache location to the registry. Except of course, that if you take a
copy of the cygwin dir on disk, or are running off a network share (as
some users do) that wouldn't work.

> Perhaps it 
> should work the same 
> way we used to (and may still) handle setup.log and 
> setup.log.full.  The 
> directory they reside in is based on the type on install - Ie 
> they are in root 
> directory if you select install from local directory or 
> install from internet 
> and they reside in the same place setup.exe exists if you 
> selected a download 
> from internet.  

This breaks if I'm downloading an update for my corporate mirror from a
cygwin installed machine, I'll have two separate separate locations
> Of course the above may not work with some of the changes 
> y'all are trying to 
> implement but I would think the file that remembers the local 
> cache and for 
> that matter the setup.log and setup.log.full really belong 
> wherever setup.exe 
> resides - not where the local cache actually is or where 
> cygwin itself will 
> reside.

The file that remembers the local cache doesn't belong where setup.exe
is - because 
a) setup.exe moves around. The point about remembering the cache is to
prevent that being an issue.
b) If you click on the setup.exe icon on the home page and choose run
from here, setup will be in your internet cache dir when it runs.

I'm not ruling out some sort of smart hybrid in the future, but for now,
I've simply fixed the problem by using the root dialog.

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