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RE: Setup.exe - snapshot runs but compiled from cvs get application error.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Brian Keener []
> >
> Irregardless of my other comments - you current version of 
> HEAD does resolve 
> the crash when Download from Internet is selected.

> Excellent - now to decide if that is how setup should 
> actually work.  I think I 
> never liked it asking simply because if we are doing a 
> download only we were 
> not going to use it and it actually gives the operator the 
> impression that we 
> are going to use it and if they later change their mind - 
> they now have an 
> empty directory to get rid of (and they have to) since if 
> setup does - we might 
> be destroying a good installation as I might have been simply 
> doing a test 
> install to a bogus directory.  (Just my second $.02 worth)

I don't understand. The root dialog will use their current mount table
and won't destroy anything. They don't need to change that root - after
all we are simply downloading.

I'm happy to accept patches that do a better job though.


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