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Re: whats left before releasing setup?

Robert Collins wrote:
> I'll happily accept a patch to not write the last-cache file for
> download only installs. That combined with an alteration to cygpath I've
> prepared to return NULL on failure should allow the cache read routine
> to fail safely too. (with a check for NULL of course :]).

I don't think we are saying to not write the last-cache file as I for one like 
setup to be able to remember where the cache of downloaded packages is and I 
believe it has done that for a while - even before categories and dependencies. 
What we are saying is don't expect the user to start the install when no cygwin 
is installed by forcing the entry of the cygwin root so that you can store the 
last-cache file in the cygwin directory.  In the absence of an installed 
version of cygwin then store the last cache wherever setup is located - just as 
setup has always done in the past with the setup.log and setup.log.full. 

At the point of doing a Download only why am I even concerned with the mount 
points except to determine if cygwin is installed or not (which by the way is a 
good reason but should a download only even care) and then to base certain 
other functions on that result. 

Think of setup as two tools - a downloader and an installer which does have the 
capability of doing both.  If I am using it as a downloader it may be for 
someone elses use or for whatever reason I may dream of - simply because I am 
downloading don't increase the number of directories that I need to copy or 
search in order to move my downloaded files somewhere else where I will later 
choose to install from them.

I'm sorry Robert - I really was going to let this go, but the more I read this 
and think about this it just doesn't make sense.

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