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RE: whats left before releasing setup?

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Brian Keener []
> Robert Collins wrote:
> > > version of cygwin then store the last cache wherever 
> setup is located - just as 
> > > setup has always done in the past with the setup.log and 
> setup.log.full. 
> > 
> > Thats an ok idea. However, you will also need to change the 
> logic for
> Well what does setup do now with setup.log and setup.log.full 
> or have those been 
> removed

Those files are one off - they have no impact on the user. Last-cache,
last-mirror, do have an impact on the user on the next run of setup.exe.
So the treatment of the two sets of files is orthogonal IMO.

> > Because there are two basic download only scenarios.
> > 1) Download to take to other machines via zip disk etc - 
> this machine
> > doesn't get involved in cygwin at all. 
> > 2) Download for _this machine_ and for other via a 
> networked cache dir.
> > You may not want to install the packages you download immediately on
> > this machine.
> Actually both of these scenarios are exactly what I am 
> talking about and in either 
> case Cygwin might or might not be installed and I may or may 
> not be ready to say 
> where I want my cygwin root to be and I might want to back up 
> my cache of setup and 
> its downloaded packages and it sure would be nice if I only 
> had one location to deal 
> with. 

Having only one location is the point. Where does setup.exe live? Do you
update *that* setup.exe when you update the cache? What if you are
testing a setup.exe and dont' want to overwrite the current one? What
about just clicking on setup.exe on the web and going Run... (as
covvered before).
> As I parting thought on this subject let me simply say 
> Last-cache is a setup file 
> not a cygwin file just as setup.log and setup.log.full are 
> setup files and therefore 
> belong with setup.  

I disagree. If that is the case, why do *all* the files in/etc/setup
exist. They are all "setup" files by that logic.

Setup is a cygwin program, integrated with cygwin, and designed to
install cygwin. The files it uses are *files* not registry settings to
aid that integration. Lastly as covered before setup.log and .log.full
are very different to last-cache.
> I understand you have made your decision and obviously as 
> maintainer that is your 

I don't seem to be disagreeing with you and Earnie (and anyone else who
holds this opinion). I'll be very happy to see the root selection box go
away again for download only mode.

> right and you will accept a patch so I will now bow out - 
> others may carry on this 
> discussion if they so choose.


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