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Re: Did I find an error in the current binutils or what???

At 03:26 PM 11/7/2001, Charles Wilson wrote:
> > Which is kinda mess since there's even no header on Linux which
> > defines __progname.  Is there _any_ standard on where to define
> > __progname?
> looks like __progname is a BSDism -- and I saw stuff where THEY
>were complaining that it wasn't declared in system headers.  Apparently,
>the "standard" is to declare "extern char * __progname" in your own code
>-- which makes portable __declspec'ing difficult, unless we do something
>ugly like:
>#ifdef CYGWIN
>extern __declspec(dllimport) char * __progname;
>extern char * __progname;
>in all client code that wants __progname.  Or, just make sure folks use
>new compilers and live with the "warning" about auto-import.

Assuming it's easy to turn off the auto-import warning (and only this 
warning), I'd say the latter is the best approach.

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