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cygwin, screen, my patches


Great job on screen, I can't believe I didn't find out about this package 
until recently! Anyways, I find myself at a job where I'm stuck on an NT 
box. Naturally the next best thing one can do is install cygwin. Cygwin 
doesn't distribute screen. I've sent some notes to the cygwin-apps mailing 
list, and I've volunteered for the job of package maintainer for screen on 

There are a couple of ways I can go about this. One way is to submit my 
patches to you, and then screen would compile out of the box on cygwin for 
anybody. Another way is for me to use my patches in the framework 
established for cygwin apps. Seems to me the better way is to submit the 
patches to you directly, and then you can create a new version with these 
patches. Or perhaps at the least, you can approve/disapprove of the patches 
and I can fix them if you see a problem. I've based my changes on 

I'm including my patches in a tarball for your perusal. See the included 
README for details of the changes I made. Let me know what you think, and 
again, great job on a very cool utility!

Note: I have not thoroughly tested screen, but I've used it daily
without any problems (NT4sp6).


README - description of changes made
screen-3.9.10-1.patch - my patches, of course =]


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