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Re: berkeley db?

Hallo Charles,

2001-11-08 17:36:55, du schriebst:

>> I don't remember what the problem was with db-3.1.17, why was it not
>> included in the dist?

> 1. new package moratorium

This will be gone soon, I hope.

> 2. not fully ported (IMO, a library is fully ported when it (a) has no 
> remaining text/binary issues, (b) can be built as both a static lib and as 
> a DLL)

(a) Don't know about issues here. BTW, the current(blead) perl has a new cr/lf
    behaviour;) If you export PERLIO=perlio it works as expected in all cases.
    If not (it seems to default to PERLIO=stdio) the same problem as before.

(b) db-3.1.17 is built with static and dynamic libs. 3x builds OOTB as static.
    Why is it a must to have dynamic libs?

> 3. nobody volunteered to contribute, support, and maintain it

Hmm, I guess there will be someone out there who will do it.  If sleepycat upgrades
to the latest autoconf and automake and libtool it will probably build OOTB with
both, static and dynamic libs (I hope they will do so soon).

>> For the upcoming release of perl-5.8 I really would like to have it
>> available with Cygwin.
>> I always used it with perl and other packages and I never had problems
>> with this version.

> That's a trap I fall into often.  *I* use package X, *I've* never had 
> problems -- but then, I use binary mounts and all my files have UNIX line 
> endings, and I never ever try to use notepad.

Thats true. I use binmounts exclusively too.

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