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Re: berkeley db?

Gerrit P. Haase wrote:

>>>I don't remember what the problem was with db-3.1.17, why was it not
>>>included in the dist?
>>1. new package moratorium
> This will be gone soon, I hope.


>>2. not fully ported (IMO, a library is fully ported when it (a) has no 
>>remaining text/binary issues, (b) can be built as both a static lib and as 
>>a DLL)
> (a) Don't know about issues here. BTW, the current(blead) perl has a new cr/lf
>     behaviour;) If you export PERLIO=perlio it works as expected in all cases.
>     If not (it seems to default to PERLIO=stdio) the same problem as before.

That's when *perl* handles the actual on-disk IO.  However, when you use 
the db:: routines, the db::whatever perl statements trigger certain library 
routines inside libdb.a -- like db_open() -- which themselves call file 
access functions -- like fopen().  So, libdb itself needs to be 
"dos-proofed" by fixing the appropriate fopen and open function calls.

> (b) db-3.1.17 is built with static and dynamic libs. 3x builds OOTB as static.
>     Why is it a must to have dynamic libs?

Well, it's not a *must* -- it's *my* preference.  However, since I am not 
volunteering to support that package, I don't suppose it really matters 
what I think. :-)

>>3. nobody volunteered to contribute, support, and maintain it
> Hmm, I guess there will be someone out there who will do it.  If sleepycat upgrades
> to the latest autoconf and automake and libtool it will probably build OOTB with
> both, static and dynamic libs (I hope they will do so soon).

No, probably not.  The "latest" libtool only kinda-sorta supports building 
DLL's -- and only if you jump thru a number of hoops (see the goatbook).

For "clean" unix-like shared library building on cygwin, we have to wait 
for Robert Collin's changes to get folded into the official libtool.  Gary 
Vaughan is on the case...but I haven't been pushing.  I'm waiting for the 
autoconf/automake wrapper script packages that I wrote , with the 
side-by-side installation of 2.52/2.13 and 1.4p5/1.5, to be added to the 
official cygwin distro.  But that, in turn, is waiting on the new setup...

THEN I'll start pushing Gary. :-)


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