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Re: cygwin, screen, my patches

I hate to say this, but this is not reall off-topic for this
mailing list.

It's one thing to ask if screen could be a package but continued
discussion about screen porting should go to
until such time as it is an actual package.


On Thu, Nov 08, 2001 at 03:52:30PM -0500, Roth, Kevin P. wrote:
>Thanks for the Cygwin patch. I tried building in a sub-directory from
>the source, and uncovered a tiny issue with Here's a patch for
>---       Thu Nov  8 14:53:48 2001
>+++    Thu Nov  8 14:52:27 2001
>@@ -64,3 +64,3 @@
> fi
>-if eval test "`diff osdef.h | wc -l`" -eq 4; then
>+if eval test "`diff osdef.h $srcdir/ | wc -l`" -eq 4; then
>   echo "  Hmm, sed is very pessimistic about your system header files."
>Also, I'm having a bit of difficulty figuring out how to get more than
>25 lines to show up consistently. I built screen with all defaults
>accepted (after patching of course), and tried running it. I get a
>properly sized screen, with all 40+ lines useable, however "stty -a" now
>reports only 25 lines, instead of the 40+ I usually have my DOS/cygwin
>window set to (I'm on win2k if that matters). 
>AND, If I try running 'vi .screenrc', it only uses 25 lines, and when I
>quit vi, I'm stuck with only 25 usable lines, until I run 'resize'.
>I'm sure this is a common problem, however I'm wondering if you (Ruf)
>have dealt with it under cygwin, and if so, whether you have a
>(please respond off the cygwin-apps list on the second point, if you
>have any response)
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Ruf Ruf []
>Sent: Thursday, November 08, 2001 12:03 PM
>Subject: cygwin, screen, my patches
>Great job on screen, I can't believe I didn't find out about this
>until recently! Anyways, I find myself at a job where I'm stuck on an NT
>box. Naturally the next best thing one can do is install cygwin. Cygwin 
>doesn't distribute screen. I've sent some notes to the cygwin-apps
>list, and I've volunteered for the job of package maintainer for screen
>There are a couple of ways I can go about this. One way is to submit my 
>patches to you, and then screen would compile out of the box on cygwin
>anybody. Another way is for me to use my patches in the framework 
>established for cygwin apps. Seems to me the better way is to submit the
>patches to you directly, and then you can create a new version with
>patches. Or perhaps at the least, you can approve/disapprove of the
>and I can fix them if you see a problem. I've based my changes on 
>I'm including my patches in a tarball for your perusal. See the included
>README for details of the changes I made. Let me know what you think,
>again, great job on a very cool utility!
>Note: I have not thoroughly tested screen, but I've used it daily
>without any problems (NT4sp6).
>README - description of changes made
>screen-3.9.10-1.patch - my patches, of course =]
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--                        Red Hat, Inc.  

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