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Re: whats left before releasing setup?

Robert Collins wrote:
> Actually, what would be great would be for you to do the code needed to
> make this happen. It's pure c in that area of setup so it should be
> straightforward for you.

In process.  I actually think I have most of it done (it's pretty simple code 
really) but need one extra change and a couple of additional tests.  There is a 
couple thought bothering me like I am forgetting some situation.  What I have 
it doing now is as follows:

If you have provided a root (install from internet or install from local 
directory) or the system already has cygwin (ie it has value for root) then 
last-cache will go to {root}/etc/setup and if there is no root (download from 
internet only and never installed or packages copied to a brand new machine) 
then last-cache will reside wherever setup resides.  The part I still need to 
do besides a couple test runs (for that nagging thought) is that I also want to 
add the code for the case where we already did a download on a new machine 
(last-cache with setup) and now we are installing from local directory (based 
on last-cache with setup).  Since we are now doing an install the install and 
will have a root then last cache now needs to move to {root}/etc/setup for 
future reference. 

> AFAIK this is the only holdup to the new setup.exe going on the website.

Didn't realize this discussion had held up the release.  Has the problem with 
the Skip/Keep entry not showing up been fixed.  I have tested for it so I was 
just inquiring.

I am going out of town for the weekend this afternoon and have client work this 
morning (don't you just hate having to do that stuff) - so it will be the first 
of the week before I can finish.

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