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setup.exe suggestion [ Re: sshd dies]

It probably would be a good idea to add an "is cygwin running?" check
to setup.exe.  It could be a little tricky to determine, though, since
the name of the shared regions that cygwin uses can change.

I'm sort of loath to add a standard named entity in cygwin just to
accomodate setup.exe.

Possibly, just walking through all of the processes and seeing if they've
loaded cygwin1.dll is a brute force approach.


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From: Pavel Tsekov <>
Subject: Re: sshd dies
Date: Fri, 09 Nov 2001 14:49:57 +0100

However, this is not why I post this message. This problem -
updating while cygwin service is running - seems to be a common
one. So it would be good if there is some mechanism that anyone
can use to see if the cygwin1.dll is active in memory. This
way setup will know that its not a good idea to run and will
inform the user that he/she must stop all the services and then
try again. 

A simple way to do this is creating a named Mutex and checking if it
exists - though I'm not sure it will apply to cygwin1.dll as easily.
But there are others too, for sure.

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