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Re: setup.exe suggestion [ Re: sshd dies]

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From: "Christopher Faylor" <>
To: <>
Sent: Saturday, November 10, 2001 3:13 AM
Subject: setup.exe suggestion [ Re: sshd dies]

> It probably would be a good idea to add an "is cygwin running?" check
> to setup.exe.  It could be a little tricky to determine, though, since
> the name of the shared regions that cygwin uses can change.

Errgh, I really don't like this.
Checking if package foo is running before upgrading it, yes.
Checking if cygwin is running at all, no.

> I'm sort of loath to add a standard named entity in cygwin just to
> accomodate setup.exe.
> Possibly, just walking through all of the processes and seeing if
> loaded cygwin1.dll is a brute force approach.

Which doesn't cover all cases :p. (Ie cygwin1.dll is only one file to be
detected for write issues.)

What we need is to be able to check for any of the .exe's or .dll's in a
package, before uninstalling, and allow a [cancel][retry] option. You're
right that the snapshot approach is probably best.


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