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setup streams work..

Cross-posted for review...

Ok, I've now got file magic fairly complete.

The NIO and bz classes still need refactoring and expanding.

There's a still a chunk of code to be migrated over to the io_streams

Is there any objection to this being checked into HEAD (with a little
more tidyup, but I won't bother having that reviewed :})?

Overview of changes:
* File magic detection for bz2, gz and tar file types. (I.e. you can
install from a local .tar file, as well as a local .tar.gz - once one
line in is changed).
* io_stream hierarchy based on the classes Warren came up with, with my
single uniting class at the top.
* tar logic is stream based, not fd based, so can install directly from
http/ftp(once nio is refactored).
* Compiler warnings pushed up and all warnings bar autoload.c and the
bison system files addressed.

The file magic code here is federated across each - to overload an MS
term - class class. I.e. knows about all archive types, knows all compression formats.

There's plenty more in this project I'm working on, but with the
successful install of lynx.tar.gz via a setup with this code in it, I
feel that the class hierarchy is shown to meet our needs. It's probably
able to be tweaked - for instance some instantion helper calls for the
io_stream class perhaps belong in a lower level between io_stream and
io_stream_ file|cygfile|http|ftp...

So given that the class layout works, and somethings are already
becoming easier to do, I plan to commit this to HEAD.

Any objections?










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